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Bastian Schweinsteiger

"meteoric rise to fame"

Fans of Bastian Schweinsteiger
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Welcome to the first livejournal community for fans of German football star, Bastian Schweinsteiger!

Please feel free to join if you share in our love of Schweini!
I hope to be able to make your visit enjoyable and satisfy your Schweini needs!

For information on Bastian Schweinsteiger, please visit this post.

Basic Community Rules are:

1. NO comments or posts that include rude, mean, nasty or crude remakrs or opinions about Bastian. This is a community for his fans and supporters only.
2. Respect and be kind to one another.
3. Keep your posts on topic, please. All posts should include either pictures, videos, graphics or news about Bastian. News about the German team or Bayern may be posted as long as it mentions Bastian in some way. If not, please post elsewhere.
4. Tagging your posts won't be necessary as I may do those myself.
5. Picspams, posts with large or many graphics, long news articles etc. should all be put under an lj-cut to save our members' flists.
6. Posts sharing videos and images need to be member-locked because of livejournal guidelines.

Please make sure that you are not only friending the community. Make sure you are actually JOINING it as a member. If you're not a member of the community, you will not be able to view all entries made in this community.

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Out of LJ affiliates:
Michael Ballack Fans

If you'd like to become affiliates with us, please leave me a comment in this post.

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To see some more promotional banners that you can put in your userinfos and to submit some please see this post.

Please promote this community to all the Schweini fans that you know! ♥

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If you have any questions or concerns please contact your MOD, logic_less by e-mailing me at mi55robin___@hotmail.com.
OR you can simply leave me a comment in this post.